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Alchemist's Duel, an arcadey puzzler for 2 two-man teams, made for the May Berlin Mini Game Jam 2012 in 8 hours.

Team Blue Alchemist: Moving: S/D/F/E, 1 to push elements
Team Blue Collector: Moving: Arrow keys, Space to push elements

Team Red Collector: Moving: J/K/L/I, T to push elements
Team Red Alchemist: Moving: Numpad 4/5/6/8, 0 to push elements

Collectors, you are in the middle: Get your alchemist the elements he needs, and the other block alchemist by shoving him stuff he doesn't need.
Alchemists, you are at the side: Fill your goal field (the lower half) with elements of the same color, and tell your collector what you need.

Using the push key to push elements only works when you are standing right next to them.